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Join Transit Advocates in Harrisburg to Support Expanded Funding Options

Calling all PA Transit Advocates! Join the press conference to support HB 1307. Allow communities to raise critical local funding to build on state transit dollars. 

It is time that PA communities are allowed to choose their own destinies. Representative Joe Hohenstein, a member of the PA House Transportation Committee, just introduced HB 1307 on June 8th. This bill, along with HB 902 introduced by Representative Ben Waxman, would allow the SEPTA region, Allegheny County, and Lancaster County the option to raise local transit funding to supplement existing state funding for transit. 

Enabling local source funding for our PA transit systems has long been one of the key needs to ensure that transit is fully funded in our regions, and is a central demand in the Transit for All PA! platform. It would provide the local match needed to access the unprecedented funding available through the federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), and advance some truly transformative transit projects to improve transit accessibility, air quality, and economic outcomes in our regions.

Nearly 20 organizations across the state have signed on to a letter supporting this new legislation and expanded resources for PA transit systems. Read their letter here.

RSVP below to meet us in Harrisburg on June 20th to support expanded funding for transit