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Fund Transit for Pennsylvanians!

image description: photo of a person wearing a yellow shirt riding a bus, next to superimposed text that reads, “Tell PA Lawmakers: Support Public Transit. Paid for by Clean Air Action Fund.

Take action to expand transit for your community! Send a letter to pass the first increase to transit service funding in over a decade – it’s time for better transportation access for all!

You can send your letter today to win $282 Million to improve transit access for Pennsylvanians across our state!

Whether we live in Harrisburg or Pittsburgh, Wilkes Barre or Erie, rural towns or Philadelphia, all Pennsylvanians deserve safe, reliable, dignified access to the places they need to go. Public transit services operate in every single PA county and keep seniors connected to healthcare, families connected to grocery stores, and neighbors connected to each other. 

Because people organized to demand improvement, Governor Josh Shapiro proposed a 1.75% increase in the state sales tax allocation to public transportation. This vital measure will add $282.8 million in recurring state funding to keep transit agencies across the Commonwealth moving. It does not create any new taxes, but reapportions existing, unallocated funding to provide a foundation for transit agencies across the state to build on.

The time is now – when we take coordinated action together with thousands of other Pennsylvanians. We can pass a state budget that connects us all to the places we need to go and the people we need to see. 

You can make a difference this budget season. Even if you have sent a letter with the Transit for All PA! campaign before, it’s important your legislators hear from you again today. Can you join our campaign and take action? Once you’ve sent your letter, you can share the action page to social media and encourage your friends and family to create change.

Send your message today to help build a stronger, more connected Pennsylvania that prioritizes people and our communities.