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Transit Justice is Climate Justice! Urge Your PA Legislators to Fund Transit.

Transit access crosses race and class. It is about jobs, our children, and our environment. Join us between Earth Day and our April 30th Harrisburg Rally to demand that our state elected officials pass the Governor’s proposed $282 mil transit funding increase, so all our Commonwealth communities can have the transit service they deserve.

Transportation emissions are now the largest contributor to climate change in the United States. There is no managing or reversing the climate crisis without getting more people on transit! To make transit affordable, accessible and available for all PA residents, we need our elected leaders to follow Governor Shapiro’s lead, and pass the $282 million dollar increase for transit operations funding.

Take Action Now! What would increased funding for service, affordable fares, or better transit worker wages and benefits mean for you?

  • Tweet at the Leaders of the House and Senate with your transit funding demands. 


As we approach Earth Day, Pennsylvania public transit service is at the brink. From Scranton to Reading, Erie to Philly, Pittsburgh to Lackawanna County, riders are feeling the effects of service cuts, fare increases, and a transit worker hiring crisis, due to non-competitive wages and benefits. The lack of funds invested in affordable, accessible public transit service has made it impossible for PA to make meaningful strides towards reducing our transportation emissions, which is central to addressing the climate crisis. Climate change disproportionately affects our more rural communities, those who are suffering under poverty, our indigenous and other Black and brown communities. 

Transit riders and workers with Transit for All PA! are organizing for more affordable fares, better compensation for transit workers, and a visionary baseline service for all PA communities that includes frequent buses and trains going to more places, for more hours of the day. By adequately funding public transit in rural areas, towns, cities, we are opening doors to economic opportunity AND saving our planet. We are ensuring that our most vulnerable neighbors can get everywhere they need to go, AND can live in communities with less congestion and with better air quality.
This Earth Day we are asking our legislators to step up and fight with us. Our elected officials have the power this budget cycle to pass an impactful $282 mil transit funding increase– the first increase in over a decade– to invest in the communities, the economies and the environment we want to see.

Here’s what you can do this Earth Day to show our legislators in the House and the Senate that Transit Justice is Climate Justice